Friday, May 29, 2015

Welcome to TImberline

Scout Greetings,
We are gearing up for a great Timberline Course this year!
It is going to be a great experience that will be fun filled in an outdoor setting within a troop and patrol setting.  Our staff has been working hard to"Be Prepared" for it.

A few items to be aware.
1. Everyone on course needs to have a scout physical.  It is fine if you have a physical from sports or school. Just have your Doctor transfer the info to the BSA form. (On Website)
2. Next we have a questionnaire to be filled out and bring to course. (On Website)
3. Last we would like the parents to write a letter to your son to be given during course.  It can be about anything you feel your son needs to hear from you.  This is wonderful part of the course that is most memorable. 

Forms can be found on our website including a packing list.

There is also a Facebook link on the website you might be interested in.

Your sons are great young men and our future leaders.  Timberline gives them the skills and experience to be those leaders and future missionaries.

We also have a few more slots open on course so if you know of any friends or family that could benefit from Timberline please let them know.  I am willing to talk to them about the benefits of Timberline.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me or any of our staff.

​See you in June

Lawrence A. Durtschi Jr.
Timberline W2-591-15-901-1

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